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Golden Rose Concealer Cream Palette - Light To Medium

Golden Rose Concealer Cream Palette - Light To Medium

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Golden Rose Concealer Cream Palette - Light To Medium


The Golden Rose Correct and Conceal Cream Palette can correct imperfections, conceal dark circles, and contour your best facial features.


    • Light shades: these cream shades are used for coverage, concealing, and highlighting


    • Dark shades: contour and define facial features such as cheekbones, jawline, and nose


    • Can be used to slim the face, brighten your look, and conceal imperfections


    • Apply with a setting powder to set cream products


    • Comes in Light to Medium shades and Medium to Dark shades



Always look your best with Golden Rose Correct & Conceal Cream Palettes.   The Camouflage Cream palette provides a complete set of full coverage correction that is easy to blend.  The creamy texture is lightweight so you won't feel like you're wearing anything on your skin.  This palette is an arsenal against skin imperfections. The skin tone shade neutralizes general imperfections.  Salmon pink brightens dull skin tones while neutralizing yellow undertones.  Hide those dark circles and purple and neutralize purple undertones with our yellow cream.  Green is great for masking redness and hiding the look of blemishes.  Use purple cream to neutralize yellow undertones.  Orange works best on bluish undertones and dark spots.  Use under your foundation. Don't get caught off guard with a surprise blemish or sleepless night.  Look your best with this camouflage palette! The Concealing Cream palette is available in 2 shades: light to medium and medium to dark.  This palette is versatile with many uses!  Correct discolorations instantly with any shade to match your skin tone.  It is perfect for concealing under eye circles and spot imperfections.  You can even use this palette for contouring your facial features! The SPF 20 setting powder sets concealer and corrector for a long wear makeup that protects you from harmful UV rays.  Application is easy.  Apply appropriate correctors to neutralize your skin tone from our Camouflage Cream palette.  Hide under-eye circles and spot imperfections using the Concealing Cream palette.  Apply setting powder to keep it all in place. Getting flawless looking skin is easy with this palette! Buy now and always look your best!


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