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Biosense - 12-in-1 Hair Treatment Masque 300ml

Biosense - 12-in-1 Hair Treatment Masque 300ml

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Biosense 12-in-1Hair Treatment Masque is the ultimate solution for dull, damaged hair. Enriched with Ximenia and Baobab oils, this luxurious masque offers 12 benefits for comprehensive hair care, leaving your hair feeling silky soft and protected from free radicals.

Key Features:

  • Nourishes, conditions, and repairs hair
  • Detangles for easy styling
  • Enriched with Ximenia and Baobab oils for ultimate softness
  • Protects hair from free radicals


  • Nourishes and replenishes hair, restoring its natural shine
  • Conditions and smooths for a silky soft texture
  • Repairs damaged hair, reducing breakage and split ends
  • Detangles knots and tangles, making hair easier to manage
  • Protects hair from environmental stressors and free radicals
  • Improves hair elasticity, reducing frizz and flyaways
  • Enhances hair color vibrancy and longevity
  • Adds volume and body to limp, lifeless hair
  • Restores moisture balance, preventing dryness and brittleness
  • Reduces heat damage from styling tools
  • Smooths the hair cuticle, reducing frizz and promoting shine
  • Leaves hair feeling luxuriously soft, smooth, and manageable

Whether you have dry, damaged, or unruly hair, the Biosense 12-in-1 Masque is your ultimate solution. Experience the power of 12 benefits in one product, and transform your hair from lackluster to luscious. Say hello to nourished, conditioned, and repaired hair that radiates beauty and confidence.

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