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Invisibobble - Sprunchie - True Black

Invisibobble - Sprunchie - True Black

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Invisibobble - Sprunchie - True Black


Perfect for any style or occasion, the invisibobble Original Hair Tie holds hair in place without the use of clips and pins.

Fun and functional, its unique, ultra-comfortable shape prevents headaches and kinks, whilst its hygienic, non-soaking design and smooth surface means it stays dry even when worn on your wrist.

Can be used in wet or dry hair without tangling, allowing you to create any up-do you desire.

Includes 3 x hair ties.



Hidden underneath the luxurious fabric, the invisibobble® SPRUNCHIE contains a classic ORIGINAL, therefore providing benefits that come with its super talent. Due to its spiral shape, the hair tie holds all strands of hair together and is still easy to remove.

  • spiral hair ring meets scrunchie
  • ultimate fashion accessory
  • spiral hair ring inside
  • high wearing comfort
  • strong grip

Colour: True Black


1 Pkg. includes 1 invisibobble® Sprunchie True Black 


invisibobble Sprunchie True Black is a retro scrunchie that contains a traceless spiral hair tie on the inside, available here in a classic black color. Because of its hidden spiral structure, this scrunchie doesn't create any kinks or tangles in your hair! It provides a strong yet comfortable hold for daily use, allowing you to create and switch up your hairstyle throughout the day. The perfect companion for every occasion, this must-have accessory can also double as a youthful bracelet when you're not wearing it on your hair.


invisibobble Sprunchie True Black has the following characteristics:

  • Luxurious fabric finish feels comfortable and soft on the hair;
  • Hidden spiral shape leaves no trace in the hair after removal;
  • Longer lifespan than a classic scrunchie.

How to use

Use invisibobble Sprunchie True Black to style your hair like you would use any classic hair tie. Alternatively, wear it as a bracelet to take your look to the next level!











Invisibobble - Sprunchie - True Black




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