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Standard Beauty - Glow Guardian Mist

Standard Beauty - Glow Guardian Mist

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Ultra-Hydrating facial mist that helps to protect the skin from pollution and blue light radiation. Great to refresh your glow on the go. 

Perfect for all skin types, especially for dry & sensitive skin.


- Blue-light protection is perfect for our working babes that spend all day in front of the laptop or phone

- Refresh your glow on the go. Super dewy finish. Perfect to spray on top of your makeup

- Balances microbiome of the skin & prevents skin from drying

- Environmental protection from environmental stressors

- Vegan, Pregnancy & breastfeeding friendly

Can be applied during skincare routine (before moisturiser) or after make-up application. Can be reapplied throughout the day to refresh your glow on the go. Can be used AM and/or PM.

Keep bottle approximately 20 cm away from face, closing eyes and pump 3-4 sprays over your face and neck area. Keep eyes closed.

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