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Standard Beauty - Hydrating Jelly Mask with Brush

Standard Beauty - Hydrating Jelly Mask with Brush

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Rejuvenate and hydrate your skin for that dewy, glass-skin look. | 100 grams.

Suitable for all skin types, especially dry skin.


- Ultra-hydrating, soothing and firming

- Stimulates skin’s detoxifying process

- Overall skin-rejuvenation effect

- Perfect hydration boost for dull & dry skin

- Safe during pregnancy &  breastfeeding 



AM or PM

Patch test before use.

Use 2-4 times per week: Wash your face and then apply a thin layer of the Jelly Hydration Mask with the silicone applicator. Allow to sit for 10-15 mins and rinse off with warm water. Follow with normal skincare routine.

1 x Jar Jelly Hydration Mask with Silicone Applicator.

This product can easily be combined with any other products, including actives like Retinol, AHAs, BHAs etc.

Is the pink colour artificial?

No, at Standard beauty, we only use natural ingredients. Mica is a natural stone mineral with shiny flakes that has been ground into a powder. Mica powders are therefore colourful and sparkly, like a glitter - but from mother nature.

*Note: The Mica that we use is ethically-sourced.

INGREDIENTS: Aqua, Rose Damascena distillate (Rose Water), Glycerine, Xanthan Gum, Cucumber extract, Pineapple extract, Grapefruit essential oil, mica, Phenoxyethanol, ethylhexylglycerin 
Made in South Africa 

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