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Standard Beauty - Peptide Miracle Growth Serum

Standard Beauty - Peptide Miracle Growth Serum

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Say hello to the hair of your dreams with our Miracle Hair Growth Serum! Within just 150 days, experience the magic of longer, stronger, thicker and denser locks.* This groundbreaking formula works on all hair types from 1-4C and is infused with the power of Peptides, but not just any peptide - our secret ingredient is derived from Plant Stem Cells sourced from the prestigious Kurkuma plant.

Award-winning and scientifically researched, this extraordinary peptide delivers unparalleled results. Our lightweight serum is a game-changer, effortlessly nourishing and fortifying your hair follicles without leaving your scalp greasy. Get ready to witness the transformative effects of our Miracle Hair Growth Serum and unlock the hair you've always dreamed of.

 50 ml

*Source: Data/Pictures from Clinical Evaluation Studies from in-vivo and in-vitro trials by the Supplier. Peptide was used once per day, over 150 days at the same concentration than in our Peptide Miracle Serum on multiple different test-users. (contact us for details).

How to use:

Lightweight serum that doesn't leave your scalp oily. Daily, massage a generous amount of serum onto your scalp and massage it in, section by section. This is a leave-in treatment. Do not rinse.

Ideally used with our silicone brush to further stimulate blood flow in your scalp, which helps with hair growth.

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