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Standard Beauty - SOS Scalp Spray

Standard Beauty - SOS Scalp Spray

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Soothe Our Scalp Spray. Say good-bye to your itchy scalp. The best? This water is infused with our proprietary Rosemary Blend to boost hair growth and Rose Water for healthier & shinier hair. 

A soothing, hydrating mist to help calm itchiness, redness and sensitivity. This lightweight mist quickly absorbs, without leaving behind an oily residue to support a healthy scalp, which minimises future flare-ups. The scientifically proven ingredients help to reduce dandruff and sebum (oil) on your scalp.

Suitable for all hair types from 1-4C
, braided and unbraided hair. 

100 ml

How to use:

As needed, or once daily, spray a generous amount of SOS Scalp Spray onto your scalp for an instant itch-relief. This is a leave-in treatment. Shake before use.

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