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Tangle Teezer - The Original Detangling Brush - Pink (Wet & Dry)

Tangle Teezer - The Original Detangling Brush - Pink (Wet & Dry)

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Tangle Teezer - The Original Detangling Brush - Pink (Wet & Dry)


Original professional de-tangling hairbrush is loved by hairdressers and used in professional hair salons. It's a super smooth operator that works the minute hair is lathered and rinsed. Glides through wet, vulnerable and colour treated hair with no pulling, tugging or yanking. It has an innovative centralised concave design that delivers firm salon style brush strokes from roots to ends.

Loved worldwide comb hair tangle teezer a lifesaver for those who have difficulty with confused and difficult to comb your hair. Painless unravelling is achieved through the special design of teeth. When using tangle teezer your hair will be obedient and will also receive an additional amount due to the rise in the roots of the hair. The line tangle teezer presented several series: the original, compact styler, aqua splash, salon elite and children magic flowerpot.


About this item

  • THE PERFECT WET OR DRY HAIRBRUSH. Manage your mane post shower or when it’s dry as you gain control and say goodbye to frizz. Comb through knots and tangles freely using an easy grip with the Tangle Teezers ergonomic palm-shaped design.
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN. The unique two-tiered system has long teeth to detangle and short teeth to smooth the hair cuticle. This award-winning brush allows you to brush your hair with minimum fuss, breakage, and damage, leaving you with glossy locks.
  • LOCKS YOU LOVE. This easy to use detangling hairbrush gives you the control you need and confidence you want to make every hair day a good one.
  • QUICK & EASY DETANGLING. Detangling is the first step to beautiful hair. Comb through your locks effortlessly with the Tangle Teezer Original Pink Fizz as you reduce breakage and add shine for healthier looking hair.

- Conveniently fits into any hand
- You can comb the wet and dry hair
- Suitable for all hair types and lengths even of extension hair
- Gently style your hair during or after blow-drying
- Hair peace at last, professional results in the palm of your hand
- De-tangling wet and dry hair without any tugs or pulls

- Colour: Pink




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